Our Brand

Essential MMA started inside our gym, with the intent to provide quality training Brand options for our members in 2015. A simple goal for a small shop starting out, find high quality and proven tested equipment to support our BJJ, MMA and Kickboxing members, and options to accommodate all budgets. As you know and we know, not all equipment is made equal, and all equipment certainly doesn’t cater for all shapes and sizes! That is an area we certainly work hard to deliver, options for all size and shapes.

We are 100% owned and operated by BJJ and MMA enthusiasts! People who train! People who have competed, people looking to deliver excellent value, through sourcing high quality gear! We know in order to achieve this it is imperative that customers know someone is behind the scenes working to deliver to the needs of the athletes and enthusiast no matter what their level that are connected to the Australian Combat Sports that knows and understands customer’s needs.

The so what!

As we are owned and operated by Combat Sports enthusiasts! We are looking to support the community! To be involved in the journey, to help you grow, so we grow!

How do we achieve this? through continued delivery of high – quality gear, exceptional customer service and options to boot! And putting back into the community!

That’s right! As we grow we are looking to give back! Provide sponsorship to up and coming athletes and be involved with making a difference for the committed athletes in their journey!

So be sure to c heck out our news page in the coming months as we will be sharing exciting news !

And in the meantime! help us help you with Raising the bar!

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