Delivering exceptional BJJ & Combat Sports gear, and supporting the future of our Australian Combat Sports athletes!

A Company and a Brand with a Commitment

Esssential MMA founded with the intent to help and assist with growth of Australia’s up and coming BJJ (Primarily) and Combat Sports athletes. 
We look to obtain some of the best quality gear to help you and us to give back!
From young up and coming athletes that are getting after it! to athletes that are doing tough, to organisations that are using BJJ and related combat sports to help and assist those that find themselves in hard spots. 

We are looking for Essential MMA ambassadors!
Are you an avid student of BJJ, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA! Do you compete regularly? If you answered yes then get in touch! As we will be conducting quarterly sponsorship reviews for potential athletes that have what we believe is the right spirit to grow Combat Sports in Australia!
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