We are proud to deliver one of the most well known fight brands internationally, they are produced using the highest quality materials available, and we understand that when purchasing one of our flag ship Gi’s or products (BULL TERRIER Fight Wear) you are paying for quality, we want you to to get the most from your purchase and longest life possible.

The following are some key points you should consider when taking care of your Gi’s and No Gi items from the BULL TERRIER Range:

1. Always wash in cold water

Line/hang dry your Gi where possible (but not in direct sun light), this will maximize the life of your Gi/kimono and minimize shrinkage.
*Never use a dryer to dry your Gi, the hot air will cause the material to shrink.

Most Gi’s product on average will shrink 7-9% due to the quality of material used.
BULL TERRIER Gi’s have an expected shrinkage range of 3-5% due to the high level of material used.

2. Never use Bleach

Bleach will dis-colour and damage your Gi.
If you get blood or notice stains developing, the earlier you commence remediation of them the better. Use cold water, fill a tub or bucket, apply a clothes soap and gently massage the garment, never scrub the effected area vigorously with anything abrasive as it will score the material. Use a good quality soap like Sard Wonder soap, then soak the garment over night with a good stain remover. Do not leave the garment soaking for days as it can cause garment rot.

Fabric softner is also shown to decrease the life expectancy of some materials, where possible avoid adding it to the wash.

3. Coloured Gi’s – FIRST WASH (PRE USE) Blue, Black, and other

Fill the laundry tub with cold water. Once it is at a desired amount to submerge both your Gi top and pants, add 2-3 cups of white vinegar. You should let your Gi soak in the cold water vinegar solution and ensure it is fully submerged over night.

Vinegar adds as a locking adjent and will slow the the colour run process of your Gi over time.
Note that the more you wash your Gi the more the colour will be removed during normal washing cycles, it is natural and cannot be prevented.

4. Fight/Grappling Shorts and – Rash Guards – Spats

  1. Always wash in cold water.
  2. Turn products inside out when you wash to protect and silk screened logos or designs. This is also a way to help prevent colour fade.
  3. Never put items (Rash Guards or Spats in the dryer). The dryer will ruin these products.
  4. Where possible line dry in the shade inside out.


  • Where possible line dry your Gi after immediately after washing in the shade. (Wash after every use)
  • Do not train in the same Gi 2 times or more in a row, it is un-hygienic and unpleasant for your training partners.
  • Do not use bleach or detergent with bleach, on your coloured Gi’s or garments.
  • Do not wash in hot water.
  • Use a gentle soap like Sard and massage into spot stains and blood, soak and then wash.
  • Never dry your gear in the dryer.
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