Finger Tape Premium


Finger Tape™ Premium

$ 8.00

Finger Tape™ Premium is the finger tape of choice if you’re after quality and durability. Thicker and stronger than Finger Tape™ Lite, this rayon tape is perfect if you need extra protection or rigid support. Finger Tape™ Premium will probably last longer than you!

Each Finger Tape™ Premium (Single) pack includes:

  • 1 roll of Finger Tape™ Premium (8mm x 13.7m)
  • Convenient and durable resealable bag for storage

Finger Tape™ rigid adhesive sports strapping tape can help active and awesome sports people prevent and manage finger injuries. Our specially designed tape does away with the hassle, the mess and the waste of time whenever you must cut or tear tape just to fit your fingers. Tape your fingers to save your grips in jiu jitsu and judo, indoor and outdoor rock climbing or bouldering, basketball and volleyball.

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