Finger Tape Lite Wide


Finger Tape™ Lite Wide


Finger Tape™ Lite Wide is a new addition to our Finger Tape™ Lite family. Designed especially for climbers and anyone wanting wider tape to ensure their awesomeness. If you don’t need the rigidity or thickness of Finger Tape™ Premium, then the elasticity of this white cotton tape is going to be perfect for you. Finger Tape™ Lite Wide is going to look great and make you greater.

Each Finger Tape™ Lite Wide pack includes:

  • 1 roll of Finger Tape™ Lite Wide (16mm x 13.7m) and
  • Convenient and durable resealable bag for storage

Finger Tape™ rigid adhesive sports strapping tape can help prevent and manage finger injuries for active and awesome sports people. Tape your fingers to save your grips in jiu jitsu and judo, indoor and outdoor rock climbing or bouldering, basketball and volleyball.

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