Fairtex Competition Shin Pads SP5


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  • Featuring Fairtex stitching-free or open system between shin protector and foot protector to avoid the press of stitching on your foot that causes injuries and discomfort
  • No metal loop, allow by major events to be used in amateur competition
  • Constructed of Fairtex durable Syntek Leather with double layers of high impact foam core
  • Design to attach to your shin as much as possible for natural feel with extended side and top protection
  • Soft piping on turn-up foot protector to avoid irritation to your feet
  • Double “F” silk screen to differentiate left and right side, prevent confusion when use
  • Durable cotton stretch jean lining to prevent slipping
  • Sizes: S, M, L, and XL

Please check the sizing table below

 Size   Long (shin area)   Long (foot protector) 
S 13.5″ 5.5″
M 15″ 6″
L 15.5″ 6″
XL 16.5″ 6.5″
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