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Manufacturer: Bull Terrier – Duro

Type: Jiu Jitsu Gi top and pants set * Belt sold separately.
Model: Camo
Colour: Blue with Camo Trim
Jacket fabric: 550grm Bull Tech Weave
Pants: 10oz Rip Stop pants
Size: A0 – A4

Product introduction: Fight brand DURO Jiu Jitsu Gi White with Camo Trim model.
DURO new brand under the Bull Terrier banner.

550grm bull-tech weave fabric with the profound feeling of the same material as Heavy Gi, which is well-established by athletes, and ripstop specifications on the pants and collar.

Reinforcement through double and triple stitching are applied to the joints, making it extremely durable.

Gi is IBJJF official approved and comes with exclusive bag.

* Due to the nature of the product, the colours run in the patches.

Note when ordering.
(Measuring by weight)

A0 size Top Length 68.5cm Width 47cm Cuff to cuff 148cm Cuff width 14.5cm
Pants length 88.5 cm width 48.5 cm thigh width 26 cm inseam 66.5 cm
Weight: 1.25kg

A1 size Top Length 70.5cm Width 50.5cm Cuff to cuff 156cm Cuff width 15.5cm
Pants length 94 cm width 50.5 cm thigh width 27.5 cm inseam 71 cm
Weight: 1.6kg

A2 size Top Length 76cm Width 54.5cm Cuff to cuff 165cm Cuff width 15.5cm
Pants length 98 cm width 56 cm thigh width 28 cm inseam 74.5 cm
Weight: 1.7kg

A3 size Top Length 79cm Width 58.5cm Cuff to cuff 176cm Cuff width 18cm
Pants length 102 cm width 59 cm thigh width 31 cm inseam 79 cm
Weight: 1.9kg

A4 size Top Length 83cm Width 61.5cm Cuff to cuff 183.5cm Cuff width 19cm
Pants length 108.5cm width 63.5cm thigh width 33.5cm inseam 82.5cm
Weight: 2.05kg

Estimated size
A0 size Height 145cm-157cm Weight 42kg-55kg
A1 size Height 158cm-170cm Weight 55kg-69kg
A2 size Height 166cm-178cm Weight 62kg-78kg
A3 size Height 175cm-187cm Weight 79kg-93kg
A4 size Height 180cm-194cm Weight 90kg-115kg

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