Manufacturer: BULL TERRIER
Type: T-shirt
Model: Gold Foil
Colour: Navy
Material: 35% cotton 65% polyester

Product Description: T-shirt from BULL TERRIER, Premium line Gold Foil  print on the front.

This BULL TERRIER  Tee delivers high quality material that holds its shape due to the high premium cotton material, provides a very comfortable worn and high functionality Tee.

S size Length 64cm / Width 46.5cm / Shoulder 45cm / Sleeve length 20cm
M size Length 65cm / Width 50cm / Shoulder 46cm / Sleeve length 20.5cm
L size Length 69.5cm / Width 52.5cm / Shoulder 46.5cm / Sleeve length 21.5cm
XL size Length 73.5 cm / Width 57 cm / Shoulder 49 cm / Sleeve length 21.5 cm
XXL size Length 77cm / Width 60cm / Shoulder 54cm / Sleeve length 24.5cm

(Size guide)
S size 50kg-60kg
M size 60kg-70kg
L size 70kg-80kg
XL size 80kg-90kg
XXL size 90kg-100kg

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