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Bull Terrier Fight Gear
Type: Jiu-Jitsu Gi Top and Pants set ※ The belt is sold separately
Model: Fuhai 2.0
Colour: White
Jacket fabric: 475 gms Pearl weave
Pants: 10oz Twill cotton Pants
Available Sizing: A0 ~ A3

Introducing from BULL TERRIER Fight Gear  Mushin Jiu Jitsu Gi line, the“FUHAI 2.0”.

This Gi features the traditional Japanese head pattern, which translates to “Undefeated”, symbolizing courage, respect, and fearlessness.
In Japanese folklore, it has been told that the meaning of the talisman that is depicted on the Gi brings good luck and is auspicious.

The Gis Jackets are made of a soft but extremely sturdy 475gm Pearl weave fabric, with matching light and durable 10 oz Twill cotton fabric pants.
Reinforced double and triple stitching is used throughout the entire Gis joints to make it very strong unlike some competitor Gis of the same value.

Each part of the inner lining is printed with a raw neck drawing designed by a professional tattoo artist.

It will make you feel confident on the mats!
Don’t miss it!

IBJJF Official Rules approved.


Please note when making your purchase.

A0 size Top Length 69.5 cm / width of a garment 51.5 cm / cuffs to cuffs 150 cm / cuff width 15 cm
Pants length 88.5 cm / Width 48.5 cm / Thigh width 28.5 cm / Inseam 64 cm
Weight 1.45 kg

A1 size Top length 73cm / width of a garment 55cm / cuffs to cuffs 163cm / cuff width 16cm
Pants length 93.5 cm / Width 50 cm / Thigh width 31 cm / Inseam 68 cm
Weight 1.55 kg

A2 size Top length 76.5 cm / body width 59.5 cm / cuffs to cuffs 169 cm / cuff width 17.5 cm
Pants length 98.5 cm / Width 54 cm / Thigh width 32 cm / Inseam 71 cm
Weight 1.7 kg

A3 size Top Length 80 cm Width 63 cm Cuffs to cuffs 180 cm Cuffs Width 18.5 cm
Pants length 103 cm Width 58 cm Thigh width 34 cm Inseam 73.5 cm
Weight 1.85 kg

Shrinkage: about 3 to 4% recommend washing in cold water and dry indoors

A0 Size Height 150cm – 161cm Weight 44kg – 57kg
A1 Size height 161cm – 172cm weight 58kg – 71kg
A2 Size Height 168cm – 179cm Weight 68kg – 81kg
A3 Size Height 177cm – 188cm Weight 81kg – 94kg


A0, A1, A2, A3


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