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New Bull Terrier Fire Fight shorts – Black/Green
Material: 95% polyester / 5% spandex – Side / Inseam: Spandex 15cm on both sides

A line of BULL TERRIER Fight and Grappling Shorts as worn by Jiu Jitsu World Champion and RIZIN Fighter Roberto Satoshi Souza.

The shorts contain slits on both sides, supported with spandex fabric on the outer sides and inseam for easy movement.

The shorts are designed with a shorter leg length to clear the knee, suitable for MMA, kickboxing, and grappling.

The shorts also contain an inner waist strap for secure adjustment.
The design pattern is fully dyed, so no need to worry about the print cracking or coming off.


36 World size XXS/US 28 inch/Waist 70-76cm/Length 42 cm/Hem width 32cm/Inseam 15cm
38 World size XS/ US30 inch/Waist 74-80cm/Length 43 cm/Hem width 33cm/Inseam 15cm
40 World size S/US 32 inch/Waist 78-84cm/Length 45 cm/Hem width 35cm /Inseam 15.5cm
42 World size M/US 34 inch/Waist 82-88cm /Length 47 cm/Hem width 35cm/Inseam 16.5cm
44 World size L/US 36 inch /Waist 86cm-92cm/Length 48cm/Hem width 35.5cm/Inseam 16.5cm
46 World size XL/US 38 inch/Waist 90-96cm/Length 49cm/Hem width 36cm/Inseam 17cm

* World size guide
[US / UK] 28 [WORLD] XXS
[US / UK] 30 [WORLD] XS
[US / UK] 32 [WORLD] S
[US / UK] 34 [WORLD] M
[US / UK] 36 [WORLD] L
[US / UK] 38 [WORLD] XL

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