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Manufacturer: Bull Terrier – Black Bull Competition
Purchase includes Jiu Jitsu Gi Top and Pants set, Gi carry bag *belt is sold separately

Model: Black Bull Comp X
Colour: Black
Material: 100% cotton
Top fabric: 550grm pearl weave
Pants: 10 oz Rip-stop pants
Processing: During the initial processing materials have been pre shrunk to minimise shrinkage and maintain longevity of the Gi, and have been reinforced, through double and triple stitching at known weakest joints of traditional Gis to ensure they are strong and durable.

Product Description: The “BLACK BULL” inspired by Bull Terrier’s new series Hell’s Watch Dog, the Comp X model, has been developed with high intensity training and competition preparation in mind.

The design was put together by our Brazilian designer with assistance from Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, these Gi’s are worn and recommended by World Champions Marcos Yoshio de Souza and Roberto Satoshi Souza.

Jackets are solid and comfortable and being made of 550gm pearl weave fabric
Pants are made of the 10oz light Rip-stop fabric.

*Due to the products development process, there may be stains on the supplied bags, as well as colour transfer of patches and stitching on the pants.

Please note measurements for sizing (not exact) when ordering your purchase.
A0 size Top Length 68.5 cm Width 49.5 cm Cuffs to cuffs 146 cm Cuffs Width 14.5 cm Weight Approximately 1.55 kg
Pants height 86 cm Width 48 cm Thigh width 30.5 cm Inseam 63 cm

A1 size Top Length 72 cm Width 53 cm Cuffs to cuffs 156 cm Cuffs Width 15.5 cm Weight Approximately 1.7 kg
Pants Length 91 cm Width 50 cm Thigh width 31 cm Inseam 65 cm

A2 size Top Length 76.5 cm Width 56 cm Cuffs to cuffs 163.5 cm Cuffs Width 16.5 cm Weight Approximately 1.85 kg
Pants Length 95.5 cm Width 55 cm Thigh width 33 cm Inseam 67 cm

A3 size Top Length 81.5 cm Width 61 cm Cuffs to cuffs 177.5 cm Cuffs Width 18.5 cm Weight Approximately 2.5 kg
Pants Length 100.5 cm Width 58 cm Thigh width 35.5 cm Inseam 72.5 cm

A4 size Top Length 81.5 cm Width 62 cm Cuffs to cuffs 183 cm Cuffs Width 19 cm Weight Approximately 2.2 kg
Pants Length 106.5 cm Width 62.5 cm Thigh Width 35 cm Inseam 76 cm

Shrinkage factor:
Approximately 0.5% or less for both coat and pants.

Estimated size
A0 Size Height 150 cm – 161 cm Weight 44kg – 57kg
A1 Size height 161 cm – 172 cm weight 58kg – 71kg
A2 Size Height 168 cm – 179 cm Weight 68kg – 81kg
A3 Size Height 177 cm – 188 cm Weight 81kg – 94kg
A4 Size Height 183 cm – 194 cm Weight 92kg – 115kg

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